"Quiz?!? Nobody said nothing about no stinkin' quiz! What's going on here?!?"

Don't panic! This won't go on your permanent record or affect your GPA or anything. It's just a friendly little questionnaire to test your knowledge of Punch-Out!! There are no penalties for doing poorly (just the crushing humiliation of failure and the knowledge that I will ridicule you mercilessly for the rest of your life by posting your pathetic scores on my website for all eternity). The format for each quiz is 10 questions of multiple choice. Each question is worth 10 points and there is no partial credit. To respond to a question, read all of the choices carefully and click the radio button next to the correct choice. Only one of the choices for each question is entirely correct. You may change your answers as many times as you wish before submitting. When you are done and satisfied with your answers, click the "Submit" button to see how you did. For better or for worse, your results will be emailed to me automatically so I can post the best and, of course, the most pathetic attempts. No cheating now; don't go back to any of the other pages to look for answers.

Breaking News!! This website hasn't been updated in 8 years! The code that automatically emails me the result has been disabled for close to 1/3 of my life and, even if I knew how to re-enable it, I wouldn't. Come to think of it, the email address the results used to be sent to probably no longer exists (thats what happens when you don't log into an email account for close to a decade, apparently.) You can still take the quiz for fun and check your answers against the correct ones. Good luck. --Sincerely, your Punchout!! Fan Page "Webmaster" (Quotes around webmaster included to convey sarcasm...Cuz, I'm not much of a webmaster...Get it?)

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