Your next opponent, Pizza Pasta, is, among other things, the most blatant Italian stereotype I've ever encountered in a video game. By the way, what's with Nintendo and Italians? I mean come on, Mario, Luigi and then this guy; I always thought the big N was a Japanese company. Anyway, that's a little off topic. Pizza Pasta is only a touch trickier than Kid Quick, and, like Kid Quick, all you need is the correct pattern to win, however, unlike Kid Quick, Pizza Pasta will not cave in like a house of cards the first time he tastes canvas. You've got to work to beat the hard-headed Pizza Pasta. To do this, start the fight with a jab to the head. When he blocks, dodge his counter punch and hit him with a left-right combination to the head or, later, when your meter is full, a left followed by a power shot. Employ this tactic until he comes forward with his "special move" and clinches with you. As soon as he does this pull off to the right with your joystick and hold it until you successfully dodge his big right uppercut. After that, stun him like usual with the jab or right and let loose with any head punches you feel like throwing (Note: DO NOT attempt to throw any body punches or take too long in between punches when he is stunned like this or he will take the opportunity to regroup). If this is done right he won't recover and will eat all the punishment you throw his way until he goes down.

This pattern works well to score two quick knockdowns, but, when he gets up after the second knockdown, be prepared to block a furious barrage of punches. The punches will not be mixed head and body shots--so once you figure out whether he is attacking your head or body, cover up the proper area and weather the storm until his impotent attack plays itself out. After that, resume following your original strategy until Pizza Pasta goes down for the third and final time. Pizza really is my favorite opponent--he takes such a beating and keeps coming back for more.

Alright ladies and gents, this is the main event; you're fighting for the championship of the world--the coveted WVBA title belt. Nervous? Don't be. After all, I'm here to walk you through it! Your opponent, The Champion of The World, Mr. Sandman is the strongest, fastest, most dangerous opponent in the game. It is imperative to your chances of success that you keep the momentum in your favor...and, oh yeah...don't get hit. Just as with Bald Bull or Pizza Pasta concentrate on Mr. Sandman's head early with jabs. When he blocks, dodges, or ducks, be ready for a big, lightening fast uppercut or hook to the body. If he throws the uppercut, try to dodge away from it. For example, if he throws a right uppercut, meaning it's coming at you from your left, dodge right and vice versa; think of it as rolling with his punches--dodge away from them rather than into them. That said, it isn't going to very productive for you to step in there with him for the first time and start second guessing yourself. My advice for beginners is to guess which direction the punch is coming from, from his right, your left, is usually a good bet, and sit on that punch much like a batter sits on certain pitch in baseball. If you guess correctly, dodge and make him pay with a jab and two rights to the head--don't bother trying to go to his body in this fight if you don't know what you're doing. And if you guess wrong, stay calm and stay alert for follow up punches.

Another tactic that you should try to master is beating him to the punch like you did with Bald Bull; when you see him wind up one of his body shots, try to stun him with a jab before he delivers it (never try to do this with his uppercuts, just dodge them as best you can). In short, stay calm, work the jab to build momentum, fight aggressively, anticipate his big uppercuts, use power punches only when he is stunned, and never give up. Even if he puts you down twice before you so much as land five punches, you still have a chance to beat him (I know because I've done it), albeit a much diminished one. But if you pull off the strategy described above properly, it is possible to KO him on the second knockdown without ever getting hit once (another thing I've also accomplished personally).

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