The time has come for things to get a little more challenging. But don't be scared, I'll hold your hand the first time through against Bald Bull, Punch-Out!!'s most notorious fighter. The secret to victory here is maintaining the momentum. If you can do this, Bald Bull will be a snap...if not, you will make things very difficult for yourself. Take control of the fight early by jabbing to Bald Bull's head; he may jab back so be ready to dodge or block. However, when he inevitably tries to land a big right or left to the body you are presented with two options: either snap off a quick jab and beat him to the punch, or dodge and land a series of about 5 or 6 jabs to the head. If you can do this consistently, the momentum will be yours.

Eventually, Bald Bull will back off and attempt to put you down with his signature move--the Bull Charge. You have ample time to prepare for the Bull Charge, so there is absolutely no excuse for not defeating it. You can use either visual or audio clues (or both) to time your preemptive strike. Either catch Bald Bull with a single body blow just as he finishes his second hop towards you and/or after you hear the second boinging noise that accompanies each hop. For all the pussi...ahem...cautious people out there, yes, you can opt to dodge the Bull Charge--and land exactly one counter punch. You will probably need to beat the Bull Charge twice per match; if you were hit very infrequently, or not at all, during the match, he probably won't get up from the second knockdown.

Now, paradoxically, it's time for the difficulty level to take a major plunge, Kid Quick is, without a doubt, the easiest challenger in the entire game. To easily KO him in about 30 seconds, simply throw rights to his head (be on guard for counter jabs just in case). He will duck down and to his right, and counter with a slow, ugly right hook to the body. Dodge and hit him with a couple of rights. Rinse and repeat.

If you want to end it real quick, start out fighting like described above, and, when your power meter builds up, miss with the right like described above, dodge his counter, and stun him with a right or left to the head. Once he is stunned you can hit him with three consecutive power shots. After you do this a couple of times, the Kid will be out cold. Jeez, why did the game designers bother to put him in? By the way, isn't it amazing how Kid Quick is the exact same size as the 112 pound Glass Joe, but it says he weighs about a hundred pounds more than the Frenchman? (I guess he carries all the extra weight in his 'fro.)

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