Yup. That's right--a 112 pound Frenchman...need I say more? Didn't think so. However, this is a strategy section so I would be remiss in my duties if I were to send you into the ring with nothing to go on (even if it is against a guy with the nickname "Glass"). So, without further ado, here is my expert advice: Begin the fight by delivering body blows in rapid succession. The first few may be blocked, but, as Glass Joe attempts to formulate an offense, he will become vulnerable.

Glass Joe is very slow in throwing punches; you should always be able to wait for his eyes to turn yellow (a sign that he is about to attack) and beat him to the punch with an uppercut or right hook when your power meter has built up sufficiently. If you honestly need more advice on beating Glass Joe than what I just gave you, you should probably consider taking up a different hobby--preferably one where good motor skills are not a consideration.

Your next opponent, the pride and joy of Communist Cuba, Piston Hurricane, is only slightly better than Glass Joe. Your opening strategy should remain the same as in the previous fight--hit him in the body until he covers up. At that point switch to jabs or rights to the head until he brings his gloves up to block. See a pattern developing. This isn't rocket science--hit him where he ain't blockin'. When your power meter is full begin throwing power shots. Throw about three uppercuts or hooks in a row, spacing them out about a second apart (to give him time to commit to attempting a counter). Don't get greedy though, after the third consecutive power shot he'll start dodging and countering.

Exactly 30 seconds into the fight you'll find out why they call him "Hurricane." Piston will back off and to your right to build up some momentum for his special move. Simply wait for him to finish this warm-up dance and hit him in the belly as he's coming back in (a jab also works, I just prefer a body shot). If you time this right, he'll go down regardless of how much power he has remaining. If you mistime your punch and he starts his hurricane attack, there's no need to panic. Just try to get down the timing of his punches and deliver body shots just before he throws each of his punches. Following this strategy, you and Piston will often both land punches at the same time, but your punches tend to do more damage.

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