You should be forewarned that this is, in fact, the last opportunity you will have to kick around Punch-Out!!'s own Italian Stallion before he goes the way of Kid Quick. Dry your eyes and give Pizza a good send off. Pizza Pasta shows an utter lack of originality in his approach to fighting you; all the strategies presented in the Keys to Success should be applied without fail. One note of caution: Be prepared for more frequent multi-punch combos from PP. He now throws them at fairly random times.

Pizza still attempts his same old clinch special move, and is still vulnerable as hell after he misses with the big punch that predictably follows. As long as you don't lose your rhythm, Pizza will be easy to beat. We'll miss you also Pizza.

The only thing remarkable about the ex-champ this time around is his utter lack of improvement. You would think that revenge and a chance to get his belt back would be a motivating factor, but Mr. Sandman checks in with lackluster performance here. Absolutely all of the original tactics should translate just fine to this fight.

Congratulations if you made it through the lineup a second time. Your reward is you get to do it all over again, except the fighters will come in a slightly different order. When does it all end? Damned if I know. To my knowledge, there is no end to Punch-Out!!

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