What time is it? It's time for everybody's least favorite Turk to get another beating. Bald Bull is probably the only character whose difficulty was significantly raised from that of the original. But, nevertheless, this latest incarnation of The Bald One should be no problem once you get used to his changes. For one thing, attacking his head with a jab early is no longer a good idea, he will invariably dodge to his left and counter too quick for you to respond. That leaves the body--attack it hard and often, but be sure to stay on your toes and don't let your defense down. Be prepared to block in a moment's notice.

Taking a page out of Piston's book, Bald Bull has added a stutter step to his repertoire. He does it in conjunction with the ever popular Bull Charge. The catch is, unlike Piston's stutter step, you don't know when Bald Bull will use his. Sometimes, he will take one fake hop towards you before jumping back and resetting himself for the real charge, and other times he will just go ahead and commit himself to the charge without using the stutter step at all. So, unlike Piston's new move, Bald Bull's can actually interfere with your timing. But don't despair, you'll get the hang of it.

So you've finally beaten the first blue gloves Bald Bull and you're all psyched to give Kid Quick another beating. But what's this--he's not here! Yes that's right fight fans, the end of an era. That master tactician, Kid Quick has decided to hang up his gloves and spare himself the humiliation of being KOed again in 30 seconds flat. He will be missed. Let us all now bow our heads in silence as we ring the bell ten times in memorial...oh wait a minute, he didn't die, he just retired. Never mind.

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