The first familiar face you will come across as the new champ will be a decidedly unintimidating one. Don't let Glass Joe's new blue gloves and boots throw you off, he's the same old Joe, with the same flawed defense. If you want to call yourself a champ, you better knock this guy out quick.

After Joe is knocked on his ass, don't be suprised when he actually gets up; this may be a new experience for most players. Don't be fooled by Joe's post knock down bravado, where he does his best Apollo Creed imitation and motions you on to indicate (unconvincingly) that he isn't hurt. Teach him what's what with a solid uppercut as he comes back in and follow it up with a good combination to the body. He'll go down again in no time. See...he don't want none. If he gets up a third time, you should be ashamed of yourself. Blue gloves or no, this is Glass Joe, we're talking about, and you are the champ, after all. Put him away!

The next top ranked opponent you have to defend against is, you guessed it, Piston Hurricane. Get ready for a real snoozer of a match. Apparently, Piston has switched trainers and devised a new strategy that enables him to last for more than his customary 32 seconds. What's this new strategy you ask? It's called acting like a pussy; he can't hit you to save his life, so he's gonna do everything in his limited power to stop you from hitting him. Work the head rather than the body this time around. Most of the shots you land will be counter punches. Accordingly, you should hammer away at his defense until he decides to throw a punch, dodge, and counter with a left-right combo.

Be on the look out for Piston's brilliant new stutter step, which precedes his Hurricane attack, this time around. It's so brilliant that it actually gives you more time to prepare and time your preemptive strike. As with Glass Joe, yes, Piston will actually get up after being knocked down.

Next up: Bald Bull develops a stutter and Kid Quick takes a hint